Anika Releases New Live LP 'Eat Liquid'.

Anika Releases New Live LP 'Eat Liquid'.

'Eat Liquid' (Live LP)

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One for the weekend or the bus ride home.
To be listened all in one.
To let go.
Slide down into somewhere else.
Behind the coffee counter, hiding from the customers.
No more lattes today.
The ground becomes soft.
The buds dont push too hard upon your ears.

Find that moment of peace.
Away from everything.
If you will.

Where nothing can get to you now.

Happy Chilling,



Music, Concept and Production by Annika Henderson, bass played by Sally Whitton on Climb On-Board.
Special Thanks to Carmen Burguess, Pilocka Krach, Aude Langlois and Hanne Lippard.
Mix und Mastering: James Trevascus
Planetarium Technician: Susanne Wolff
Recording Engineer: Jonas Kimpel
Image: Florian Meyer (Still from Planetarium Live-Visuals)
Artwork: Aled Simons
Publisher: Edition Reality Baitz/Random Noize Musick
Label: Liquid Milk
Sponsored by Musikfonds e. V.
A production of the foundation »Planetarium Berlin«, first performed at »Live Radiant« Zeiss-Großplanetarium in Berlin.

© all rights reserved

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